Ecology is one of the main priorities for EL-TRANS S.A.. Adherence to stringent standards we treat CO2 emissions as a mission. Our drivers participate in practical trainings with the economic drive, led by the best instructors in Europe. Electronic eco-driving system allows us to permanently monitor the quality of drivers work. Verification includes: number of brakes, passive driving, exceeding turnovers, unnecessary engine idling. To optimize these parameters allows us to reduce costs. The training contributed to a reduction in emissions of harmful gases by our vehicles, an average of 10%.

Our ECO team is responsible for the optimization of routes. We always try to get the lowest possible burn on a particular route, which translates to less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

EL-TRANS S.A. fleet consists exclusively of new cars, whose average age does not exceed two years. That is why, despite the steady growth of the rolling stock, we emit fewer greenhouse gases.

In recent years at the company’s headquarters we have made a lot of investments (including car wash, service, offices), that allow us to reduce the consumption of water and electricity. The newly built waste water treatment has almost twice the drop in the demand for water, by increasing interest in our services – car wash.

We also run control of emissions in the case of machinery in the mines. By using the best technology available on the market, we constantly reduce the emission of harmful substances.

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