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During recruitment process we pay particular attention to the qualities of the applicant, which should mirror the values of our company. Applicants who want to join our team should be also characterised by impeccable manners, ability to cooperate within a group of co-workers and high level of adaptation in constantly changing working environment – every day is different with us.

What we offer
• Attractive working conditions
• Work in creative teams of high-class specialists
• Participation in engaging projects
• Training courses

We train our staff in every department and on every level of the organisation. We hold not only technical, substantive training courses, but also “soft” ones, related to the development of interpersonal and social skills. We constantly encourage our employees to take up new challenges and to exploit the possibilities offered by us.
Full-fledged staff is prepared for the new challenges posed by the market. Thanks to internal recruitment, the employees who show sufficient commitment and achievements are promoted within the company’s structure, taking management or specialist positions. This is the highest priority for us.
Cooperation of employees of different age and diversified professional experience has positive influence on the knowledge-sharing process.

Verification of the applicationKariera-OK

Analysis of the documents submitted and invitation to the job interview.

Second stage of the recruitment
Interview with Recruitment Specialist and Head of departmentKariera-OK
for which the recruitment is conducted. During this meeting the candidate
has to complete a task in order to check his competence in a given area.

Third stage of the recruitmentKariera-OK
Meeting with the chosen candidate, establishing details of cooperation.

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